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Could I have Baby Celestial Pearl Danios?

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I had CPDs in a QT and 2 weeks ago moved them to the main tank. Everyone seems happy! Before my next group of quarantine fish I decided to check the QT's cycle by using Ammonium Chloride. I was using test strips to detect ammonia and my pH was a bit low. So I saw 0 ammonia and after 2 days added more ammonium chloride. Then I tested with API liquid test kit. Ammonia was actually at 5 ppm and that is when I saw pH being low. I raised pH a little, 7.0, and gave it a couple of days. I also raised temperature to 80'. Ammonia now tested 0, nitrite at 0 and nitrate was at 50, as expected. But I was now seeing a cycle. I repeated and same thing. Last night I decided to test and do a WC to prepare for fish this weekend. Everything was good in terms of cycle. I looked in the tank and saw tiny life forms.

I saw 3 tiny fish. Could eggs have survived the high ammonia? 

I also saw a couple of spiraling worms, very tiny. I googled worms in freshwater aquarium and they look like detritus worms. 

I will be getting more fish this weekend, probably neon tetras. I'll test the water again tonight to make sure everything is low before proceeding. 

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Happy, healthy CPDs are daily breeders with each female laying 12-25 eggs a day. They also tend to each eat 12-25 eggs a day which is why we're not overrun with CPDs. You likely moved the adults out before they could finish eating their most recently laid eggs. A low pH largely neutralizes any ammonia in a tank so not a huge problem for the eggs/fry. CPDs only made their way to the aquarium hobby in 2006, so they reproduce quickly and fairly easily to now be as affordable and widespread as they are. 

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