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What the! -- random baby fish just decloaked in shrimp-only tank

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Anybody ever had this happen? The only thing I can figure is that there was a fertile egg stuck to some plants I bought (online!-- went thru the mail) for this relatively new 8 gallon tank housing Ocean Blue Neocaridina shrimp. The plants went in about 4 weeks ago, but today was the first day the lil fish came out from where it must have been hiding in the dense plants and moss, as I truly have not seen it before and I look at that tank thoroughly every day.

Needless to say I haven't been putting any kind of fry food in there, just the occasional shrimp pellet. It's not a newborn, either, so I guess there are enough microorganisms in there to get it going. My guess at this point from what I can see is that it's maybe a rice fish... I have no rice fish, have never kept them. So, people who know, do they need company, or will it be OK alone?  

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You can see one of the mama shrimp just at the lower right edge of the shot, behind the ramshorn snail. Sorry the pic's a little blurry, he's a quick little bugger.

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Rice fish like to be n groups of 6. I did some research and it seems its ok to add some more rice fish in your 8 gallon. They enjoy pellets or flakes and for a treat maybe frozen bloodworms. Make sure to watch the water parameters because shrimp dont like their water always changing. Make sure your shrimp hav enough hiding spots so their future young dont get eaten by a curious fish. 

otherwise it seems you have a cool new addition to your tank.

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