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French speaking youtubers

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Hi everyone!

We are moving to Paris, France, next fall, and I'm trying to learn a bit of French before we get there. I figure watching and listening to some French-speaking YouTubers talk about their aquariums might be an entertaining way to do so. The problem is that I can't find any!

Thanks for the help!

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Posted (edited)

This is great, thank you @Pepere. I'll try with Blippi and the kids, let's see what happens 😉

Hopefully, the "algorithm" will start recommending more and more videos in French after I watch all of these.


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I watched Blippi in French and in German fir giggles.


I have to say that the production company did a very good job with voice actors to dub in the languages.  The mannerisms and inflections in the language match the video fairly well.


It sounds like I would expect Blippi to speak in French


To be honest listening to Blippi in French would be a great way to build fluency fir beginners asit is geared to kids with simple words…

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