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Does this fish have eggs?


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I've had this fish for about 2 years now and it suddenly became bloated. I'm not sure if it has eggs or some other problems.

If she has eggs, what can i do to help her lay them? i don't have any males and dont think im experienced enough to take care of fry. 


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My cherry Moms are fat too. Not trying to breed them but they're full anyway. I feed mostly frozen and live food so they are primed. Not sure if they absorb them or expel them... the other 30 fish in the tank would make short work of the eggs anyway. 4 males & 8 females but no fry unless you try 😉 

Cherries should be in a group though. Nice, friendly (except to anything that fits in their mouths), low maintenance fish 👌  Gorgeous in a school,of 12 or more.

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