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Time to buy more fish, stocking question

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My fish room will have three tanks, a 29, 40 and 75 gallon tank. The 75 gallon will be Mbunas which I am still working on.

The 40 gallon is a barb tank, the main occupants will be a school of Tiger and Odessa barbs (~12 fish/school).  I was thinking about buying (6) Veiltail Cherry Barb for this tank. Common sense say don't do it, the Tigers will munch those long fins. . I can get regular Cherry Barbs or possible Gold barbs to be safe. Note: my Odessa barbs are more active than the Tigers

I love Serpae tetras, I currently have 3 of them in the barb tank. I plan on moving these guy to the 29 gallon tank and buying 5-7 more ie: a school of 8-10. They held their own in the barb tank but were clearly dominated by the hyperactive Odessa and Tiger barbs. In the 29 gallon tank, they should be the dominate fish. This tank will have (4) Forktail Rainbows and would like to add (8) Celestial Pearl Danio and another group of tetras (?? Candy Cane) .

But I am concerned about the Serpae tetras being bullies, they would be the dominant group in the 29 gallon tank. I could just get Red Phantom Tetra which are very similar to the Serpae. Opinions?

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Looks like you have a good plan! The only comments I have is that Pseudomugil Rainbow fish do better in larger groups. I personally keep a group of 10, but I think a group of 6+ would be fine. Also, I have never kept CPDs but I have heard they are shy fish. Those tetras and blue eyes might be intimidating to the CPDs and be quicker to the food. You might want a larger group of the CPDs.

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