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fish swimming in place

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From the American Air Museum Britain

I have a small colony of about 20  Tiger Lima (limiaq isle).  I have had them for about a year.  They have spawned several times and I have given away some fry. Recently they have become very secretive hiding in rocks, plants and wood.  I have also noticed sone adults seem to be swimging in place like a shimmy.  The planted tank has been set up for 2 1/2 years and is well seasoned.  Tank perimeters are NO3-10, NO2-0, GH-75, KH-60. PH-6.8. Chlorine-0. I do a 20% water chance once a week.  I treat all water with a declorinator.  I have placed crushed coral in a box filter it help raise PH


I am most concerned by the shimmy.  All I have read says it is likely water quality.  Any suggestions?


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