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Partial Re-Scape

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My 75g planted tank has been up and running for close to 3 years now and while the left side of my tank has looked good from day 1, I have struggled with the right side. I have always felt that it looked “messy” it unnatural depending on what I tried to do.  I finally ponied the money to get a larger piece of wood and together with the wood that I already had, I was able to make some good progress.

Its not completely finished as I still plan to get some jungle Val and maybe some dwarf sag to complete the look on that side but I am very happy with where it is.

id also like some honest opinions on things that could make any part of the tank look better.

before and after pics:








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On 1/29/2024 at 10:25 AM, Creedmoor Aquatics said:

What do you have growing on the wood in the center? It looks really cool! 

Java Moss. I used to have a ton more but it got out of hand so I ripped it out and this is the result of about a year of regrowth.  I amthinking about adding some to the limbs of the new piece of wood but I am worried about the over growth as before. I guess I could always add it and when it gets out of hand rip it out again.

The issue with Java moss, and any moss I'd assume, is that it impossible to get out of the tank once its in there. Every trimming send strands all over and some get attached to other plants and rocks and wood and then it just grows there.

below is a pic of the moss when it was getting to be too much. This is actually a time when the tank looked its best. 


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