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DIY Nano Tank Filter

Historic Orange

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I'm setting up a 15"x10" cylindrical vase (3.5-4 gal) as a nano tank in my kitchen. I don't want to try filterless and I want some flow but internal space is limited and I want to make it look as clean as possible. I would use a HOB but it will be sitting under a cabinet and there isn't enough vertical space to afford one sitting above the rim. So I thought I could make a simple air-powered internal filter from PVC pipe capped at the bottom, holes drilled on the sides for input, and an elbow at the top for output. I could put some coarse filter sponge on the inside and do some quick disassembly to clean it out.

While looking for others who might have done the same I came across a skimmer lily pipe and had a lightbulb go off. What I snaked airline tubing up the output of a lily pipe to convert it into an internal filter similar to what I described above. The only reason I'd consider this is that the pipe is clear and could achieve a similar result and look cleaner.

So...my question to you, dear reader, what would you do? Is either idea too harebrained to be effective? Have you done something like this or seen someone else do it?

Thanks in advance!

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A pvc pipe like you described with some course sponge on the outside at the bottom, with an airline and an airstone might work just fine.  Perhaps a small diameter pvc pipe with a course pre filter sponge at the bottom. Don't forget a check valve if this is going in your kitchen 🙂 

I'm no expert, but I think you want a pipe of some sort and not just an airstone to get the water movement you want.  I think an airstone by itself isn't bad, but it'll be better with some sort of pipe.  Airstone by itself is more "make sure we've got surface agitation" and less "be a filter". IMO

my .02... 

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