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Fruit flies - how


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I have a very stupid question. I have a ton of fruitflies in my kitchen from some fruit that got bad.

I want to catch them and feed them to my fish but i sort of don't know how. I read about catching them in wine or some vinegard soap mixture but those would be contaminated and i couldn't feed them to my fish. If I trap them in a jar i have no idea how to collect to feed.

Is there some easy way i am not seeing like placing the jar in a freezer or smth before feeding to make them inert but not contaminated? Is it better to kill them before feeding?


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I read somewhere else on here that somebody had bought wingless fruit flies, and was unsure of how to feed them. 

Someone suggested putting them in the freezer for 5-10 minutes to “slow them down”. Then, tap the container on the counter a few times to get them off the sides and in one spot to be able to “pour” your desired amount into the tank. 

I’ve never done it, I simply remember reading that the other day. 

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