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Favorite Unexpected Non-Fish Fishkeeping Tools

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Three tools I use that aren't fish tools but make my hobby much better. 

1. The thin, white spatula: This came with my immersion blender and I love to use it to scrape the sides of my micro and banana worm cultures when I don't feel like sticking my finger in there. 

2. Substrate scoopers: These are pet supplies but they're not for marketed for fish. The small blue one is sold for hermit crabs. The other two, I believe both found at Petsmart, are in the reptile area. GREAT for scooping duckweed from the surface. Also great for scooping gravel-sized substrate and rinsing it. The two larger ones are great for getting into corners...if you're tearing down a tank and you can tilt it-- throw in some water, stir it up and you can scoop out the last gravel more easily from the corner(s). 

When I put my snail feeder-catcher down or some repashy and I want to pull a bunch of snails, these scoopers are handy to grab the ones nearby. 

3. Red paint scraper from the hardware store: When new, great for scraping algae (the edge can dull over time depending on how you use it,) if you've let it go for a while and have a sheet of it on your tank wall. (This kept happening to the one tank whose side faced a SE - facing window until I painted.) I've also used this to pull java and other mosses with hair algae to provide a surface to separate (with a bamboo skewer) what I could. Also used this to pull duckweed from the top but it's not as good as the substrate scoopers.

I'm sure there are others, so I'll add to this when I come across more. Do you have any non-fish tools that are amazing for aquarium work you can share?

Screenshot 2023-10-02 at 12.41.39 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-10-02 at 12.42.06 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-10-02 at 12.41.55 PM.png

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pillow stuffing.

I got a huge bag at a craft store for pretty cheap, and i use it for filtration, algae cleaning, and keeping plants moist when im working on a project and need to take a break. It clogs fast in filters so i dont use it in HOBs anymore, just box filters, but its cheap and versatile.

Towels: (always have a towel)

For cleaning up spills

Disposable Plastic Table Cloth:

I usually have one of these in front of my tank when im doing tank work as it keeps water from getting onto the floor and causing damage.

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