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Finnex stingray 2

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I have a stingray 2 24” on my 20 high. Starting to plant it out and trying to find out if it qualifies in the “medium” category for light. Going to try some easier stem plants. Any suggestions? I have crypts and Java fern already, was thinking of doing some AR and possibly some ludwigia and some rotala. I have had success with rotala with a nicrew before 

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Not too worried about it being bright red, I’m okay with a muted red/brown to give it a little contrast to the greens. Forgot to mention I have Italian Val too. Going to get a tall flowing background plant, use the stems as the mid and keep them trimmed to about 10” and crypts in the foreground. I know they can get tall but I’m okay with a jungle type look. Just want something for the apistos to swim in and out of

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