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  1. Thinking of getting a 24” for my 20 high. Already have val (starting a few runners), AR (slowly going) crypt bronze and Java fern windolov. Thinking I want some bacopa and ludwigia mini red. What setting would be best for medium light stems for moderate growth without becoming an algae farm
  2. My experience is yes to get started. as the organic waste accumulates in your gravel you can put them in sparingly or none at all and usually do fine. (I’m talking like 1+ year of the tank running)
  3. Not too worried about it being bright red, I’m okay with a muted red/brown to give it a little contrast to the greens. Forgot to mention I have Italian Val too. Going to get a tall flowing background plant, use the stems as the mid and keep them trimmed to about 10” and crypts in the foreground. I know they can get tall but I’m okay with a jungle type look. Just want something for the apistos to swim in and out of
  4. Sweet! I just wanted to try something different than what I was doing before. I know macmasteri are common like the cacatoides and stores usually have one or the other available. If a borelli are available I’ll be getting those. I know they prefer lower temps and are probably a little more compatible with neons. If I can get borelli I’ll be running 73-74 which i think is the preferred temp for neons
  5. I have a stingray 2 24” on my 20 high. Starting to plant it out and trying to find out if it qualifies in the “medium” category for light. Going to try some easier stem plants. Any suggestions? I have crypts and Java fern already, was thinking of doing some AR and possibly some ludwigia and some rotala. I have had success with rotala with a nicrew before
  6. I have breed cacatoides before in a 29 with guppies so I do have some experience with that and was able to raise several generations of fry. Don’t care if they breed and can set up a separate 20 long grow out later if I want. I just didn’t know if macmasteri would be okay in 76 or so and in slightly higher ph
  7. Moved to an apartment and only want to set up 1 20 gallon display. (Previously was running 8-9 tanks at my old house). it’s planted, and I need to figure out what kind of apisto/tetra combo I am going to want. My water is a little over 7, maybe 7.5. Not super hard water but have driftwood and catalpa leaves in it. Was thinking pair of macmasteri and neons? wanted to keep it about 76-78. Will this work? other choice is cacatoides
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