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Aquarium Co-Op Linear Piston Air Pump

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I'm wondering.

Has anyone checked the temperature of the air that comes out of this air pump?

Mine is 115.7 deg. F. Is this normal?

So I rigged this up. It brings it down to 74.5 deg. (just a touch over room temp)

I hope my pump is not defective.

Air cooler.jpg

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As air is compressed it gets hot.  As it loses pressure it gets cold….

I remember opening the bleeder valve on my Dads air compressor in the garage in the summer.   The air would rush out and stop, then you would hear it cough and air would rush out again and stop…


what was happening is that water vapor would condense and settle to the bottom of the pressure tank. Opening the bleeder would allow air to rush out along with water drops which with the drop of temp, would cause the water to freeze. Then ambient thawed it and bits of ice would shoot out the bleeder and repeat…


And you had to avoid the metal tubes that fed air from the pressure chamber to avoid getting burned…

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I always looked at the hot air output going into the tanks like heat recovery system.  Small buffer to whatever heat method you use on the tanks and a tiny bit more efficient use of energy involved in the fishroom.


The heatsink design looks cool. Nice pipe work.

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On 8/23/2023 at 4:03 AM, StevesFishTanks said:

always looked at the hot air output going into the tanks like heat recovery system. 

What heat is put into the compressed air due to compressing it is given up to the room through the piping, or dissipates when the air goes from compressed state and loses pressure..  

in essence the air stays compressed until it passes a valve and or an airstone.  As it expands it has a cooling effect absorbing heat in the process….  As such it does not add net positive heat to our fish tanks, but, rather caries it away from them…

The whole heat pump refrigeration cycle thing…  But the heat stays in the room and gets absorbed by the tank…

The only heat added to the room from use of the air pump, is the heat value ofthe electricity consumed to compress the air at a rate of 3,500 btu per killowatt hour.  In the case of the  Medo LA-45c it consumes 45 watts running. The same as a 45 watt lightbulb… 157 btu per hour of run time

heat flow is a fascinating study…


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