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My revamped RCS tank!


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After a LOT of issues with my RCS colony, I wanted to share the joy of my revamped RCS tank with you all!  Thanks to all of you for your constant input and expertise!  We accomplished this together!

EDIT: Was so excited, I posted and forgot the details:

The tank is a 20g long with a blend of roughly 80% brown Controsoil and 20% gold pearl mini gravel with dragon/oko stone hardscape.  There are 5x little shrimp homes I "enchanced" by applying superglue all over the exteriors and rolling them around in the substrate to give a more natural look (most are hard to see below apart from the one on the far left).  The plants are a combo of a LOT of epiphytes and a few rooted plants:

3x Bucephalandra brownie phoenix
6x Anubias nana golden
3x Anubias short and sharp
2x Cryptocoryne tropica
1x Cryptocoryne albida costata
4x Echinodorus big bear
3x Java fern narrow mini
4x Java fern sunrise


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