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The Incredible, edible... duckweed?


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As a vegan for a very long time, these sort of news makes me happy. And I hope it really works at least for some people to use as a replacement. If it works for one person, it still is something in my eyes.

but I can tell, there is a hard path on ahead of them. People usually are not really accepting when it comes to new stuff about taste. Even the idea of having some sort of duckweed may be challenging for people to give something new a try I feel like. 

The problem is, majority of people are brought up being used to having the taste of animal protein and products in their life on a daily basis. And  giving up at once was not hard for me but it can be for a lot of people and I understand that. The way to help people having easier transaction or substitutes is actually creating a similar taste I think. In this regard, Im not sure to what extend choosing something 0 flavor would help this in practice. There is already good vegan protein powder options. Maybe when someone eants to add a lil protein to their oats or cookie, it may be a nice additive but idk hoe much it would replace animal products. I have many friends that are meat eaters but trying to substitute some of their meals with plant based protein brands like Beyond Meat.

Couple days ago, when we were chatting with @Cinnebuns, she mentioned that she has given a try to plant based meat options and actually liked it. I hear that a lot around me from my friends and it makes me happy. But I hardly ever hear people replacing their favorite protein powder with a plant based one for example. Or adding some flavorless animal protein powder into something, so they can benefit of using this as a substitute in that regard.


My critism would be, I wish they did not try to put themself on front by putting other brands trying to work their best in this animal meat or product substitution behind. They are all working for the same purpose basically. They should be supporting each other instead I think.

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