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Leaving my Phoenix Rasboras alone for a few days

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I have 6 Phoenix Rasboras and I feed them twice a day. I'll be gone for a few days, possibly 4 days. I've read that it's ok not to feed fish for a short period of time but am wondering if that applies to my type of fish? Help! Also, since they eat tiny food, it would be hard to use the normal automatic feeders. I've read reviews that people have difficulty using them due to the opening of the feeders. Help please!! Leaving soon!

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Your fish should be fine for 4 days. I routinely don’t feed for 4 or 5 days when fish first come to my house and are in quarantine, and that’s on top of however little the fish store feeds. You should be absolutely fine not feeding for 4 days. 

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I don't think 4 days is an issue at all. Your fish will likely find all sorts of little unseeable morsels to pick at while you're away. 

Shouldnt be a problem at all. 

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Thank you MAC,

I appreciate your answer. I tried Bug Bites pellet and they didn't seem interested in it. I tried it as a trial but am worried it will affect the water quality more than feed the fish.

I checked the water quality after 12 hours and it's ok but I was not encouraged to use it while on our short trip. 

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