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What types of snails are these?

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I was curious what snails these are. They live in the sand most days and come out during feeding or at night. They also seem to leave my plants alone. Thanks for the help

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Yup, Malaysian Trumpet Snails.  They are live bearers, which makes them very good at reproducing successfully.  They will churn up your sand and substrate, and do help recycle nutrients in your tank.  But, they also reproduce like mad if there's enough food available.  

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On 5/15/2023 at 10:01 PM, Galabar said:

However, none of mine are that light, green color.  They are all dark like the next image.  That is interesting and kind of cool... 🙂

check these ones at my lfs


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MTS - Great cleaners, totally peaceful, aerate the substrate, don't eat healthy plants, but boy do they make babies ...

On balance, I think they're a positive addition to planted tank ecosystem and have them in both my tanks - They're also fun to watch - 

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