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Can anyone identify this pond "parasite"?

James B.

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This looks like a dragonfly nymph, but I have 2 issues with that; 1.) It's really early in the year and I have not seen any dragonflies.  It has been really cold up until this week, 40's at night  2.) This bug is invisible to the naked eye.  You cannot see it at all, not even a spec!  

It killed a baby fancy goldfish in my outdoor pond.  😞 

Any help would be appreciated!  I'm not sure knowing what it is will help avoid it, but you never know.



Image (11).jpeg

Image (10).jpeg

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On 5/11/2023 at 9:13 PM, Kurt Brutting said:

I am sorry for your loss, they are nasty little insects. Without some sort of lid or top prevention is difficult.

Thanks.  Yes, a lid will be the ONLY way.  I've been researching dragon flies all night and some of them flick their eggs in the water, they don't even need to land.  The fish was young, and maybe the shock killed it.  Really strange.  

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