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Help with floating plant plant ID

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77669086-E73F-4A2A-9C75-9E99560B673C.jpeg.f96d6d71d629966d8a347843c0bb376c.jpegMy wife and I took our kids to the New England Aquarium last week and I saw this electric eel tank that really inspired me. My son stared at it for 5+ minutes.  I may try and recreate this look (without the eel😁) in a 20 long. The floating plant was really interesting. I heard another visitor call it giant duckweed, but it doesn’t seem to match a google search. Is it Brazilian pennywort?

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I have a good amount of Brazilian Pennywort in my tanks.  The photo just doesn't look like BPW IMO.  The stems are thicker (think bean sprouts) and the leaves don't grow that densely packed together either.  It is a lovely plant in the photo.  Please let us know if you figure it out!

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