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H20 Plecos : Introduction

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Good Morning 

I would like to help other each if anyone has questions, comments, or concerns. 

I'm going to move within the next couple of weeks, but I'm excited about it. Obviously, I have to set up my house but bare in mind I'll have a spare bedroom of for me. Will update you further too see how's it going. Pleasure to meet you all. 

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Thanks for having me, John Henry.

I currently have 130 Bowfront set up with rainbows. 

I believe; 40 gallon (2), 20 gallons (2), 10 gallons(4-6). When I decided I had to take them out it was more convenient. 

The room is set up for 13x13 rough size. Have to decide which room to set up for more convince. It my opinion, 40 gallons (2) will be most convenient until I can set everything up. To be continued 

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