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Anubias issues

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I moved my display 75 gallon tank and my plants spent about 2-3 weeks floating in another tank. After I was able to get everything back in my anubias has been melting pretty hard, as well as my crinum calamistratum. These were all doing very well before and was even flowering.  I'm checking water parameters and fertilizing accordingly daily. There isn't any signs of anubias rot so I'm guessing that they are in shock and should bounce back? Just wanted to make sure I'm not missing something else. Fluval 3.0 light 




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It is my understanding that when anubias bounce back the leaves that we’re struggling do not recover rather it grows new ones which takes quite some time, this is what I’ve heard I haven’t fact checked it. That being said, it is also a slow growing plant in general so as long as your lighting schedule is set appropriately and reaches them properly, and your fert dosing is good as well, those in addition to stable water parameters and temp should allow for the plants to thrive if given time to recover from the move 

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Ok that's what I was thinking too just wanted someone to agree with me lol

At first I thought it was a nitrogen deficiency so I was really dialing in the ferts but it didn't seem to be the issue. Nothing good happens fast haha

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