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Hello from SC


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Morning everyone,

Just wanted to say hello.  I live in the greater Columbia, SC area.  I have multiple interests in fish and am looking to start breeding.  I'm currently in a bit of a transition with my tanks as I'm looking to build a rack of freshwater tanks, and my reef is heading towards a 120 gallon tank.  But right now here is what I have. 🙂

92 gallon Saltwater Reef.  Sailfin and Scopas tangs, Bonded Falco hawk pair, 2 Pajama Cardinals, Breeding Saltwater Mollies, Snowflake eel, Clarki clown (mate passed), a Scooter Blenny, and a Flametail Blenny.

40G FOWLR - Biota Yellow Tang and pair of Mandarin Gobies, Blue Tang, Black Mollie, and Sunset Dottyback.

40B FW - Several misc fish left over from when my 90g developed a leak, but also has my Buenos Aires shoal (12 fish) and 3 Cryptoheros myrnae (2 females, 1 male).  The dominant female has started laying eggs. 🙂

In QT right now, I have some dwarf/pigmy cories, a shoal of neon tetras(16-20 fish), 9 misc guppies (3 males, 6 females), some green cories, and then a female betta.  

I also have some small tanks with cherry shrimp and another with mystery snails that I'm hoping to breed.  They'll all be joining the rack once it is build.

Anyway, gotta run to work, but wanted to drop a quick note.




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