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Drilled Small Aquarium or Alternative Overflow Options


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Hi All,

Hoping for some ideas, I've got an alcove in my lounge room on top of some cupboards where I've currently got two 20L tanks from Kmart (Australia). I'm looking to add another Betta tank and maybe another shrimp tank down the line so was planning on setting up a sump with a 60cm tank that will fit perfectly into the cupboards on one side to filter all 3-4 tanks, mainly just for the fun of setting up a sump and being able to reduce the equipment in each tank.

I was planning on drilling a single outlet and inlet on the back of each tank and running flexible tubing down into the cupboard for the sump, luckily there is already easy access down into the cupboard at the back of the alcove. However it looks like drilling the cheap Kmart tanks isn't going to be an option first attempt cracked the glass and while the second attempt was successful it's pretty messy and doesn't leave me overly confident I could successfully drill another 3-4 tanks.

I've seen overflows designed for non-drilled tanks that have a little syphon tube that runs up and over the rim but it sounds like they're a bit risky that you could lose the syphon and end up pumping water all over the lounge room, has anyone had good success/recommend these?

Alternatively does anyone in Australia have a recommendation for an alternative tank that will be easier to drill or potentially come pre-drilled? I don't really want to go down the road of 2L plastic containers but do want to keep the budget down as much as possible, Kmart tanks are AUD$39 for reference.

Thanks very much,




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On 3/24/2023 at 12:19 PM, Pepere said:

this is the diy video I had in mind.

Excellent video thanks very much for the link, I'll have to consider further but I think I'll either go with this updated version with the weir or maybe explore building some acrylic tanks that I'll be able to drill.

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I've seen videos where people have used smaller pipe for smaller tanks, and others using tee fittings instead of elbows so they don't have to be drilled. 

Just sharing the video, I've never made one. I just like watching DIY videos! 


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