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Peat in Aquariums


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I use peat in a few tanks. It is time to change out the peat. I saw this when I was looking to order the peat. Fluval Aquatic Peat Granules .Fluval Aquatic Peat Granules, Chemical Filter Media for Freshwater Aquariums, Water Softener, 17.6 oz., A1465 

 I was just wondering if anyone has used it and if it changes the water color. 

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@zeno why was the Amazon link removed in the guide lines it says Amazon links are a approved. I don’t ssnt to post anything that is wrong. 6F38326A-BC94-4537-840B-746FCE13CA95.jpeg.b271317740701245cb348bd6fc0c6a48.jpeg

On 3/24/2023 at 10:59 AM, Miska said:

Great question! I am considering some in my 5G to help with the PH spikes that keep happening (I think it is from my water system and the off gassing) 

 I have used peat for years. I saw that and wondered if it worked and if you get the tannis. I one of my tanks is black water. 
do you use a an hob

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On 3/24/2023 at 4:41 PM, Miska said:

I use a sponge and an Hob in there! 

Black water tanks are so so so pretty 

I use so thing to keep the color.  “Leaf tea” and peat. I put peat in a pantyhoe cut to make a media bag. The ones I have seen for sale are not fine enough. Then I place it in the hob with a sponge on top. Here I should say that I use sponge and hob. The hob is mostly to keep the particles out of the water column. The peat hob does well it smaller that needs because I don’t a huge one with the sponges. 
Second the leaf tea. I have a a bucks that is close to the size of a kids sand pal. I fill it with oak leaves. I break them down some and put some water in the bucket. I let it sit of about 24 hours. Then I toss it in the blender and grind it a little. I try to keep it so it won’t go through the strainer. After the blender it goes into a pot and and it gets to a low boil for 45- 60 mins. Then strain and I let it cool and let it sit for 24 hour then boil again. After that I strain the debris out, let it cool and I put it in a condiment bootle. Then I can add it with the squeeze bottle. 

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