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female platy trying to mate with male platy


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So I've had 2 male platies and 1 female platy in my tank for several months and I never saw the 2 male platies have any interest in the female platy.  A few weeks ago, I added 2 more female platies and still to my knowledge the males have no interest in the females.  Tonight, I just saw one of the female platies doing (what appears to be) a mating dance w/ the male platies.  The female would swim right next to the male and try to get real close, but the male would try to shrug her off.  This completely surprised me at the reversal in roles.  

Has anyone ever experienced or heard of male platies having no interest in mating, but the female is proactively engaging the male platies?

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@Theplatymaster So I couldn't get a video yet of the behavior yet.  But basically, the female gets side by side w/ the male and tries to rub itself on the male and I'm pretty sure I saw her anal fin flicking.  I'll repost if I can catch them in the act again.  On a related note,  I've posted about these male platies (b/c they'd try to mate w/ my female betta (only the white colored ones apparently))

male platies are the gold/yellowish ones that are 2inch or bigger.  The females are the red wag tail variety (although one of them is more orange hue than that reddish color).  



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