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Jenynsia Lineata - Paleomonetes Argentintinensis


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So here it is, the two-week-old Walstad, all native plants but for some Vallisnerias I got. It has a small pump moving a bit of water, pointed at some lava rock I had as filter media. I dumped the filter contents in a hidden corner and aimed the pump to keep some of the bacteria alive, at least while the plants gather momentum. The light is a cheap LED 10watt floodlight. Also, a heater. The fish do not need it, but the plants appreciate it, I think. 

  • Substrate: backyard topsoil, capped with medium gravel. Given a year or so of maturing. Sprinkled pond mud for inoculation of bacteria and diversity of aquatic organisms.
  • Hardscape:
    • regular yellowish rocks from a construction yard
    •  Quebracho wood pieces from old train tracks. Really old. 
    • Mystery snail shells collected from a couple of different sources.
  • The fish are Jenynsia Lineata, called overitos here in Argentina, and the shrimp are I believe Paleomonetes argentinensis. There might be a Macrobrachium Borelli, but it's too small to tell yet. 
    There are too many males vs females, I noticed recently. I will dump some males in the river and net some females, to avoid the stress. 


  • A tentative plant species list would be:
    • Alternanthera (reineckii? perhaps)
    • Echinodorus cordifolius/urugaiensis
    • Hydrocotyle bonaerensis
    • Lilaeopsis brasiliensis
    • Vallisneria spiralis
    • Peace lilies (the roots)
    • Ludwigia peploides

      Then there are other, unidentified species. I did what I could identifying them, only got me so far, they all look similar. 


The Ludwigia should eventually reach the surface and become a sort of "floating plant". I definitely do not want duckweed here, but I might stop by the river and get some Pistia Stratiotes one of these days. 





I cannot remove the spoiler thingy. Sorry, not sorry. 

This tank has been running with no fish or plants for a year, just the substrate. Before that, it looked like this, but I had a trip and then I moved and had to neglect it.



This time around it's better, I think. If a couple of new natives I found grow properly, I'll replace the foreign Vallisneria with them. 


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