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Anubis deficiency


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Hello all, 

Looking to get some guidance or direction on how to improve my anubias. At first i thought the brown on the edge was a phosphate deficiency but I tested the water and phosphates were high (~5-10ppm) and my tap water is (2ppm). Then i thought brown diatom algae but it doesn't rub off and the new growth doesn't have it. In the images the rhizome is placed on top of the gravel and there is a shell placed on the edge to weigh it down until the roots can keep it.

Tank information:

- 10 gallon community (4 months cycles)

- Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate = 0 ppm

- Fertilizer is easy green once a week, lights on 10-12 hours dialing back to 8-10







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I would give you half credit for your diagnosis,  IMO the part that you missed was 0 nitrates. Without higher nitrates your plants are unable to uptake the phosphorus. If I can find it ill post the video, but essentially, low nitrates is your problem, thats your growth limiting nutrient. 

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Investigating this further i would agree 100% with nitrogen deficiency @JoeQ. Since it does not rub off we can rule out algae and using the charts below the old growth is not 100% yellow but still green which helps identify nitrogen over phosphate. I will fix the lighting at 10hours and dose easy green fertilizer twice a week testing every so often to track the progress.

Ill try and report back in a week or two to show any improvements. I appreciate the input you both offered, thank you. 

Aquatic Deficiency fig 2.jpg

Aquatic Deficiency fig 1.png

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