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Internal parasite treatment.


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I feel like I need to treat my fish for internal parasites. I am seeing to much white stool floating in the aquarium.

My Problem is, being in Turkey I don't have too many options. Fritz and api prducts are not available in Turkish market.

Seachem is widely available but their internal parasite med metroplex is not offered due to metronidazole  being banned.

That pushes me towards cat, dog etc medicines. 

I found this ;


Hayatı değerli kılan sağlık için | Teknovet İlaç Sanayi

It contains 5.68 mg praziquantel  per  ml.  Will this be enough by itself ,as I see Fritz paraclense contains both  metronidazole and praziquantel

And I have no idea what the dosage should be.


My tank is 55 gal(210 liters).

And it is a planted tank. would like to use this on my main tank instead of Qt tank because it is only 20 liters. 


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