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Water tests and planted tanks

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I have several planted tanks and lately (last month to month and a half) when I take my water tests I get 0 ammonia 0 Nitrites and 0 Nitrates.  Is that good or should I be having some Nitrates in the water.  Been reading and some say yes some say no.  Oh the confusion. 

thanks in advance 

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I have Ramshorn snails and shrimp in my one tank and my Rotala indica bonsai is just stripped bare only stalks left.  Unfortunately I had a major outbreak in the snails and started to remove with a snail trap and the dreaded one by one. Since then they are looking better.  But the plants with the holes in the leaves are Rotala rotundifolia Green. I will start dosing, with my liquid fertilizer I have, now on a weekly basis.  

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