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I’m new to the hobby and the forum and I have some questions.


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Hi everyone! My name’s Meg and I currently own a female GloFish betta. I’ve had her for about 4days. I have two questions about her, one is yesterday I noticed a white bulb/ball on her belly where I believe she would go to the bathroom from or maybe lay eggs, and I have no idea what it is or if it’s okay, this was not there the first two days I had her, any clue as to what this could be? I will attach the best picture I could get, she is quite active and doesn’t stay in one place long enough to get a decent pic. For my second question, she currently is in a planted 2.5 gal tank that I already had established from my last betta, I have decided to move her to a ten gal tank for three reasons. 1. I feel like the 2.5gal is too small, yes she can comfortably get around but I feel like she can’t really “swim” ya know like take a quick sprint if she wanted to. 2. Dosing for meds and water treatments is a nightmare on a tank that small as everything is dosed for a minimum of 10gal. 3. I love plants and I want more. My question is what would be the best way to transfer her to this new tank? I fear the 2.5gal is having issues and don’t feel comfortable taking media from that tank to establish the new tank unless there is something I can do to optimize the small tank before setting up the bigger tank. So any help would be appreciated 


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Could you get a clearer shot of the betta? Keep an eye on her and see if any more symptoms develop, if so let me know. As far as speeding up the nitrogen cycle on your 10gallon there are a few things you can do that will cycle the aquarium "imiedetley" or with in a few days.

You can sprinkle some food in the 10 gallon to cause amonia which can cycle the aquarium in a few days. You can use botteld amonia that will also help speed up the nitrogen cycle. Fritz Turbo Start (heres a link to the product)


Fritz Turbo Start claims that it cycles your aquarium imediatley and is safe to add fish. I do not persanolly beleive that it cycles your aquarium imediatley but that it allows you to do a fish in nitrogen cycle much easier. 

You can also do a waterchange and dump some of the dirty fish water in the 10gallon aquarium.

I persanolly like the sprinkling the food in the aquarium, method just because its simple and cost effective. I am currently cycling my 36 Gallon and am using this method and its working very well.

I would agree with you not to use the filter media from your 2.5 gallon just because it could be a parasite desaese (which I suspect it is) and some of those parasites could be on the media. When it comes to treating your fish remove the media as it will remove the meds from the water.

Hope this helps 🙂

Can you try to send a better picture of your betta fish? 



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