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Hello from NW Indiana


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Hello to all, I am new here. I have been watching many of Aquarium Co- Op videos on  youTube. A few years ago, my husband put what he thought were regular fantails in my 800gallon outdoor pond (I was planning to put shubunkins in there), however they turned out to be Orandas. I was surprised that they survived and bred! This past fall, the large female (Large Marge) developed dropsy, so I took her out of the pond and brought her indoors. I set her up in a 40gallon breeder. She seems to have recovered and has been doing fine, but she is quite large, and her cap is enormous and grown down over her eyes.  I make sure she gets food, and she can swim just fine, but often she kind of rests face first on the gravel. She doesn't seem to be in any distress. She and her other Oranda friend (Miranda)are fed Bug Bites pellet, frozen brine shrimp twice a week, and shelled peas every other day.  I have some live plants in there and an Oase submersible filter (which I bought before I found the Aquarium Co-op Videos). Are there any other Oranda owners who might know whether my fish's cap is causing this?




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Welcome, I'm new here, too.

I just had this happen with an oranda as well.  My son and I were transitioning the tank from mine to his, and we decided to put our fish down.  She wasn't swimming around any more, just sitting on the bottom, barely eating and the cap was looking like it was going to grow over her mouth.  Second time that has happened to me.  I'll never have another oranda.

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