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Rearranging Plants

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Here's my 40 breeder after I rearranged some plants. I set this up 10 months ago because the Orange Lemon Tetras outgrew their 32 gallon tank.

As soon as I  took  the shot this little Cocoma Oto jumped in front of  the camera as if saying " hey, what about me?"20230115_094018.jpg.a81b5d1db3303fc8ef8f038cf00c276c.jpg20230115_094445.jpg.a43f18fa8f9f8055ce8cfd8dfee7ee88.jpg

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On 1/15/2023 at 10:24 AM, TheSwissAquarist said:

Really nice fish! 

Thanks. I have four of those otos in there. They are masters at hiding, but today this one wanted to be famous.  I have really enjoyed having them.

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