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Newest fish addition 😍

Karen B.

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I just wanted to nerd out and to show my newest fish addition. It took me forever to decide but here are my 13 glowlight Tetra that will join my pair of apistogramma cacatuoides in their 20 long once their quarantine is over.

I did buy more than I was aiming for (10) but there was 13 at the petstore and couldn’t just leave these 3 behind!!

This aquarium has been running empty with plants for a couple of months. The sponge filter was in it the whole time. The HOB is filled with seeded media that were in other aquariums for weeks. I also used prime, stability and fritz complete so hopefully the tank cycle can deal with such a high number of fish added at once. Of course I will monitor daily and start the med trio asap. I always get so paranoid when adding new fish, especially from a petshop and because my quarantine tank is close to all my other tank.

Please don’t mind the plants, I am growing them.

And you? Any new fish addiction you would like to share?

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GlowLights are rad. A few years ago, my 29 gallon was the third tank I set up, and the first couple GlowLights were the “canaries in the coal mine” to ensure the tank was ready. Today, I still have my whole group (10) that I started that tank with. They’re great fish! Wish you the best of luck with them!

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