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Who's more limited?


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Idk about you but random thoughts enter my brain. Occasionally that's included considering who's more limited, Fish or humans?  I've thought about it in a lot of aspects. 

In terms of places we can go (un-aided) it kinda depends and is mostly a tie. If we are talking in our homes absolutely the fish are more limited. But in the world as a whole it seems like a tie. Yes, we can more easily enter their world than they can ours but we are limited by time and depth. That kinda requires not limiting Fish to a specific species tho so maybe we win this category?  Idk

Another factor I've considered is if water or air is more "survivable."  As we know, in our tanks if the paramaters get off the fish die. Same can be true in the wild. In air, similar things can happen. Smog is a good example. 

Idk just random thoughts haha. What do you think?  

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