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Can I quarantine fish together or do they all need their own tank?


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If I ordered a couple guppies, a couple catfish, and a pleco,.. do I need them in 3 separate tanks to quarantine or can they all quarantine in the same tank? They're from the same store. 

Technically I do have 3 empty tanks I could use, but it would be easier and less medicine doses to just put them all in a 10 gallon tank for a week or two, right? 



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On the other hand…


I bought a shipment of 6 pygmy Cories and 20 Green Neon Tetras that I ran in quarantine all in 1 big tub. All from same vendor.


1 pygmy cory doa and I ended up fishing out another dead body every 12 hours till 5 were lost.


then the next day the neons started dying amd continued until I dosed maracyn again.


my working assumption is the Pygmies came with a bacterial problem that then affected the neons..


all in all I ended up with about 50% mortality.


I now quarantine species separately unless I know the fish were on shared filtration…


so if the store says they were in tanks with shared filtration, sure, single tank is fine,  but if  all isolated from one another, there can be benefit from quarantining separately…



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