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  1. my Yoyo loach is insane. I really like him. Everyone in the house seems to have a favorite fish. Mine is definitely the loach. He's very entertaining.
  2. How quickly I've gone from, "omg I need a huge tank!" to "yoyo loach? Not too big? I should get a couple more!" 🤣 though I'm reading they can be just fine on their own and don't need others.
  3. "that's a yoyo loach" thank goodness! Once again this forum saved me. You guys/girls are the best. I knew it wasn't a clown loach because when I looked that up it looked nothing like it. Looking around I didn't see yoyo loach but I saw tiger loach and I thought it looked like that one. Cool,.. I'm not ready for a 150 gallon tank. My wife is already like, "Why do we suddenly have 5 fish tanks in the house?" My kids love them though. They're been so much fun to set up and watch.
  4. suddenly needing a $3,000 fish tank and all I'm wondering is where my wife is going to hide my body. 🤣
  5. 🤦‍♂️ yeesh This is him right now... I need to figure out how fast it's going to grow so I know how soon I need a bigger tank. Jeez I just started in October and now I have 1.5, 3, 5, 10, and 30 gallon tanks. And I guess I need a really big one now. 😬
  6. yeah I'm not sure what to do. When they sold it to me (Petco), they said it was a clown loach and would get 3"-4". I guess it's partly my fault for not knowing any better. I was there getting a catfish cory and I saw it and just thought it looked so cool and 'tiger-like' it was sort of an impulse buy with the catfish. Right now it's in a 30 gallon with some tetras and a couple mollys and corys, it seems to get along fine with everyone but it's not very big, maybe 1.5"-2".
  7. and apparently they get up to 10" long? 😬 he's become my favorite fish. (So much personality). How big a tank am I going to eventually need for him? 60 gallons? 100 gallons? 150 gallons? I hadn't planned on getting any 'big' fish. But now that I inadvertently have one I feel like I should start getting myself ready for the idea that one day he's going to be a Big Chonkee Boi! I would love to keep it under 100 gallons if I can but not if that's going to be like, "Betta in a tea cup" kind of thing. I want it to be happy and have room to swim. He's a super cool fish.
  8. If I ordered a couple guppies, a couple catfish, and a pleco,.. do I need them in 3 separate tanks to quarantine or can they all quarantine in the same tank? They're from the same store. Technically I do have 3 empty tanks I could use, but it would be easier and less medicine doses to just put them all in a 10 gallon tank for a week or two, right?
  9. Nice. I love the Girl Talks Fish channel. the suction cup soapdish with aquarium sponge is a great idea. I'll do that. thanks.
  10. I was writing here about my tanks.. ...but it was suggested I move here. This morning while feeding and cleaning I noticed the baby again. Hiding all the way in the top corner by a couple pieces of floating plant. I've been wondering what happened to him since yesterday and was surprised to see it out and about instead of hiding in the grass. I didn't know what to do to get it out and worried a net would be too violent and might hurt it. Then I remembered I still had the cups my Betta fish came in, so I gently lowered the cup near him in the corner of the tank and the water and fry flowed into the cup. I got him! ... now I don't really know what to do with him. But he's out of immediate danger of being eaten. So I pulled out my "old" first small tank and put some water and a heater in it. Then I put a square water-scoop cup in that will hold the round cup the Fry is in. So it's not floating around or tipping over. I want to keep the fry used to the same exact water that's in the big tank. I crushed up some baby shrimp and a tiny bit of fish flake and put it in the cup with a little floater plant. I don't have much floater plants at the moment (they're on the way), but I was trying to give it something. I have a breeder box coming that should be here Tuesday. I'm hoping if I change the water daily (20%) and feed him a few times a day, he'll grow a bit and stay healthy. Tuesday I can put him in the breeder box in the main tank so I know he'll be getting better water. From what I'm reading it'll be at least 2 weeks before it's big enough to safely but let loose in the main tank. All in all it's pretty surprising. I just got the Mollys this week, a few days ago, I wasn't prepared or expecting to suddenly be trying to figure out what to do with baby fish. But I'm trying and reading as much as I can as fast as I can. Can't believe stumbling onto a Takashi Amano video on YouTube has led me to this in less than 3 months. Now I have 4 tanks and a bunch of different fish and a couple mystery snails. The fish are so cool though. I can't believe some days after work I go downstairs and watch the main tank and next thing I know a whole hour has gone by.
  11. I just saw 2 babies hiding in the grass in my tank! no idea where they came from. I do see one of my white Mollys has a dark spot in her belly. And the orange molly keeps chasing it. I don't have a breeding box or anything. I looked around for something to use and don't have anything. I ordered a breeding box but it doesn't come for a couple days. I guess I'll be prepared next time. In the meantime I hope the little babies can hide until they're bigger. Totally surprised me. I thought I was seeing things at first. the little guy hiding in the grass... the one 'I think' is having babies, but I'm not 100% sure. But she has a dark spot in her rear belly. I can see it pretty clearly when she gets near the light. But also the orange Molly keeps following her around and nipping at that spot. I've read what to do with pregnant fish it's why I ordered the breeding box. I just didn't think I'd have to deal with it within days of getting the fish. I tried to find a container or something that I could put hole in for the frys to escape away from the Mom thinking I could just isolate her, but I couldn't find anything that would work. I thought Guppies were the ones that were supposed to surprise you with babies! Lol Pretty neat. Not how I saw my friday going.
  12. Crushed coral works? I bought a can of API Ph 7.0 but then after I bought it I realized it said you can't use it with live plants in the tank. I ordered another liquid they have called PH UP I'm going to try.
  13. My catfish keeps having the zoomies going up and down the back wall of the tank. I keep checking the water parameters and everything's fine. I know he's eaten. Water temp is good. Not sure what's stressing him out for the past couple days. Finally it occurs to me this morning maybe there isn't enough oxygen in the water getting mixed in from the pump and I need an airstone. Maybe he's going up to the upper water column because that's where the oxygen is better. There's a bunch of fish in the tank and I thought the pump was mixing the water up pretty good but maybe not. I ordered a 'rush delivery today' pump and airstone from Amazon. It's a cheapy but it should work for a few days at least and should be here in a few hours. Then I have a better setup (tetra brand) coming next week. I can either replace the cheap pump and stone or keep the nicer one as a backup. I just want to help the little guy as fast as I can. Where is a good spot to put the airstone? In the back-left underneath the pump and heater? Or in the back-right where there's nothing really there? .. or maybe the front-left? My pump dumps the water into the rear-left side of the tank and it goes down and flows to the right. I'm not sure how you know where to put the stone to distribute oxygen in the lower water column best for the catfish. And searching online I see conflicting answers. Thought I'd ask here. Thank you.
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