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Yet another go at Zebra Acara


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As I have posted before, these fish spawn a lot, but I am struggling to get any fry.

During last iteration of this, I got 4 wigglers out of maybe 2 dozen eggs, one survived for a few days and then vanished!

The parents have spawned for me maybe a dozen or more times (I lost track of how many times at this point). But they too always faile to raise the fry (nice to know I'm not the only one failing in this scenario!)

Anyway, this go round, I'm using a tumbler to see if I can get more eggs to the wiggler stage.

Just one question for the community . . . how much should I tumble the eggs? Just enough to see them rocking gently in place, or should they be flipping around like frenetic styrofoam beads in a snow globe? (Ok, yes, maybe that's extreme!)

Any advice?


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I’ve used a tumbler to hatch Cory eggs, so that’s the only experience I have to offer. 

Gently rocking back and forth is what I go for. Maybe I’m wrong for this specific species, but that is what has worked for me. 

Maybe try low and slow this time, and if you don’t get the results you’re looking for you could increase the flow on the next attempt?

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