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Flourish and tropica root tabs

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While waiting on my bottle of easy green fertilizer, I had to get something to put in the tank after a few weeks of having it planted. I bought seachem flourish for now. My easy green should be here Sunday or Monday.


Upon recommendation from my local fish store, I used tropica root tabs for the actual planted root feeders that I have. I've been keeping an eye on parameters being it's a new tank, and have concerning levels of nitrite and nitrate. Nitrate. I did about a 30% water change last night and looking at the color of the nitrate test I still have somewhere around 30 or 40 PPM, and my nitrite is around 0.25 PPM. 


Is this increase in nitrate and nitrite caused by the fertilizer and root tabs? If so, it kind of defeats the purpose of having the fertilizer in the tank if I have to do multiple water changes immediately after fertilizing in order to keep nitrates down from poisoning my fish.

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