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Crashed moina cultures converted to accidental green water


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9 months ago I started a pair of moina cultures that includes some ramshorn snails to clean up the leftover food and some floating plants to absorb nitrogen. They worked ok on and off.  They'd crash and recover, etc.

Then 2 months ago I went out of town for 10 days.  As The Internet suggested, I took out almost all the moina, hoping to revive them when I returned.  When I got back, I added some black worms (because why not?) and started feeding again.  The moina did not recover, so I added some eggs, which seemed like it might work, but then didn't.   

Now I have two, apparently thriving, green water cultures with snails and black worms (which are not proliferating, which is fine -- I've started raising black worms separately), and a very rich variety of other critters (notably cyclops).  The green water would be great and everyone says it's so hard to maintain, but I have no moina to feed it to.

I'm trying to figure out what to do.  Options include:

1.  Dump and everything except some of the snails and start over.

2. Dump one of them and start over fresh with moina and feed the green water too them.

3. Do 90% water changes to keep the green water under control and reseed with moina.

4. Do something else someone here suggests.

5.  Chuck it all.



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