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Tank leveling question


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Hi there!

Im starting my first fish rack and I have a question about leveling tanks. If you take a look at the pictures (sorry for the cloudy water just getting this tank setup and added crushed coral), one picture is the level of the leveling mat on the shelf. Another is the level at the top of the aquarium. I think the rim isn’t level. I added a third image of the rim for some reference. My question is, is this something to worry about?





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Since you appear to be running tanks that have rims at top and bottom, it is okay if the surface that the tanks are on is a) not perfectly flat and b) not perfectly level. Personally, it would drive me nuts to be that much out of level (based on the offset of the bubble in the level in your first pic), but unless the tanks are hanging out over one edge of the shelf, or the shelf is unstable/wobbly, I think that in terms of strength and safety you're fine. 

Can you shim the feet/legs of the rack supports safely, to get the shelving level? 

PS the above is not a professional engineer's opinion, it's just that of a reasonably well-read and logically-minded hobbyist. 

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