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Badis + Shrimp?


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I've read all over the interwebs that Badis are okay with adult cherry shrimp. Have you found that to be the case?

I have a couple of nano tanks with a half a dozen Rasbora and a badis. I put in a handful of shrimp so they'd have babies for the Badis to eat. But after a couple days, I can't find the shrimp. The tanks have a lot of plants and hiding places though.

Do you think the Badis are killing and eating adult shrimp? Or do you think they're just hiding somewhere?



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I haven't kept badis, but I've kept shrimp with a wide variety of other fish.  With the amount of hiding places you have in that tank I'm not at all surprised that you aren't seeing the shrimp, unless you added several dozen or more.

By the way, just as an observation, in my tanks the fish don't seem to bother shrimp that are on plants or the glass.  On the other hand, if they're swimming in open water they're jumped on pretty much instantly.

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