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one minnow!?


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Hi all,

i have 5 ruby minnows and 3 weeks ago i saw a tiny one.. i read that they produce 40 - 400 eggs.. is it unusual to see just one survivor..?

It is growing and swimming around looking healthy.. i think too big to be eaten now..

Do you think i can expect more in the future..?

I have some dragon rock which makes small caves so i guess the eggs were on the roof of one of those..


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Who else is in the tank, I find occasional new corys, and pygmy corys in my community tank the rest of occupants will hunt out eggs so unless the parents are sneaky the odds are very much against them.

But this at least prevents problematic population explosions.

Minnow's are egg scatters so probably picked off by any bottom feeders you have.

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