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Any Local Bristlenose Breeders?

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Hi everyone, 

Just coming on here to see if any local customers have any bristlenose plecos that they are breeding. The shop is in need of normal/dark varieties and albinos/golds. These are pretty popular fish, so if you have lots or want to put some effort into breeding them, you may have a channel to get store credit fairly regularly and pay for your fish food! I would much rather give store credit to local customers for locally bred fish vs buy from our wholesalers.


If interested or if you have some, please email: store@aquariumcoop.com

There we can discuss the amount of store credit, when to bring them in, how many and how large they are, etc. Again, this is for only customers local-ish to the Edmonds, WA area that could bring the fish into the shop after scheduling a drop off date.


Thank you in advance! 🙂

See the source image

See the source image

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