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Ink bird help


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Ok. This will allow you to turn on 2 heaters.  I keep 2 heaters in my tank so combined wattage is sufficient to heat tank.  That way if one stops working you still have some heat.  If one fails in on position and the inkbird fails in on position it is far less likely to drastically over heat tank.

1.) Turn thermostat on your heater a few degrees above your desired tank temp.

2.)  place temp probe near bottom of tank. (Inside of course)

3) pressand hold the set button until display changes should read ts1.  Use up or down button to set desired temp.

4.) press set button again to get to second parameter. Should read ds1  this is your differential  ie how many degrees temp will be allowed to fall below set temp before heaters come on.  Ie, I set my set temp to 74 and differential to 2.  The controller turns on the heater when the temp drops to 72 and shuts off when it hits 74.

5)  I forgot what ca sets up for, it is the next setting after you press set again.  Mine is set to 0.


6.) pressing set again brings you to cf which lets you choose for farenheit or celsius.

7)pressing set again brings you to tr which I have set at 0 which again I dont remember what it is set for.



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