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CO2 setup


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I felt the same way before I went with CO2 about 12 years ago.  For my 45 gallon tank did a DIY CO2 setup using a 2 liter bottle with a yeast / sugar mixture and fed the CO2 into the intake of my Aquaclear HOB filter.  The impeller would break up the larger CO2 bubbles into micro-bubbles that dissolved quickly.  I did that for about 6 months but it was a lot of work.  My plants definitely grew faster and better and I was able to grow some species I couldn't do without CO2.  Do a search of "aquarium yeast sugar CO2" and you will find YouTube videos to help you out.  Once you go with CO2 you will not want to go back.  BTW you don't have to spend a bundle on CO2.  Watch Craigslist you you will find a used 5# or 10# CO2 tank for about $50, add a beer regulator and a good needle valve and change a couple of fittings and you are done.  You don't need a bubble counter if you get a good needle valve because the output will remain steady.  Hope this helps! -Roy

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