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Dwarf Aquarium Lily turning green and dying? What’s going on?


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Hey guys so I’m not quite sure what’s going on here.. I’ve been keeping fish for years and years but in the past it’s been mostly malawis or large American cichlids so I never did much with live plants. This tank however is my first real attempt with plants. After watching every plant video from Cory that I could find, I settled on trying out a dwarf aquarium lily. There is also guppy grass and some dwarf sag that seem to be doing fine. Over the past few days though, the lily bulb suddenly has green stuff growing on it and it seems to be killing off the shoots/leaves. I’ve had the bulb for 2 weeks and I thought it was doing great, sprouted very quickly. Now though I’m concerned this green stuff is going to kill it off. Is this some form of algae or maybe Cyanobacteria? I’ve never had to deal with Cyanobacteria before. Any help would be greatly appreciated since it seems to be spreading and killing the young leaves quickly. I want a chance to see this plant all large and beautiful.

tank is 30 gallons

fish stock:

-1 male/female pair of Laetacara curviceps (dwarf acara)

-10 brilliant rasboras 

- some ramshorn snails

PH is always right around 7.2-7.4

ammonia & nitrite are both zero 

nitrate is around 10-20ppm depending on how close it is to water change day.

root tabs for dwarf sag and I also dose a bit of easy green after water changes. 
The light is a hygger 24/7 planted LED and runs for about 10 hours a day. 

here’s some pics. Pic of the lily bulb in question, and the male Laetacara because I love to show him off lol. Thanks everyone! Hopefully it’s not too late to save this Lily!!



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