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cuprisorb and ferts?


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Your right to be worried though it would probably be fine.  It is powerful stuff.  I would never use it unless maybe I was trying to remove a copper based med from the tank.  It's definitely not a constant use product.  Keep in mind that the vast majority of aquarium chemicals are NEVER necessary and are basically a money grab and can do more harm than good.  It is my opinion that we should never use any chemical without a specific and temporary purpose in mind.

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Yeah in this case I'm having trouble keeping inverts alive in all my water.  I've tried everything short of buying an ro unit (I'm using water through a carbon filter but the internet says that won't catch copper).  


Cherry shrimp live for a couple months dieing off slowly.  Sometimes I get babies but they only last a few days.


In my other tank I can't keep nerites alive longer than a week or two.


This is a last resort test. Before I go to for everything which I don't want to do.

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