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20 Gallon Community tank journal


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I thought that I would make a journal to record the process of my tank. At this point it’s about 2.5 months old and Ian’s doing well. It is my first planted tank but I did a TON of research. I this first post I will go over Equipment.

For my light I have an Aquaneat 24 inch Led. Basically just a super cheap Amazon light but it’s done the job so far. I think I will either get another one of those for upgrade to the co-op light lol f it ever comes out.

For my filter I have two. An aquaclear 30 Hob which does a great job at polishing the water and filtering stuff. I also have an Aquaneat sponge filter which is mostly just for added aeration and I like the bubbles.

The tank is a basic rimmed Aqueon 20 gallon high that I got from my local fish store in Michigan with and Aqueon hinged glass lid. 

The heater is a nicrew 100w heater from Amazon that is set to 76 but keeps the water at 75. The thermometer is a Aquaneat digital Thermometer.

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Part 2 Parameters.

I live in Michigan, on a well which means I have very hard water. Ph 7.8 out of tap but rises to 8.2 when left in Aquarium. Gh and Kh are both very hard (<300) but hard to get an exact number. No chlorine as I am on a well but I am still considering what fertilizer to use. I have a bottle of flourish but with very hard water I need less the minerals and more the nitrates because at the moment I only have at max 10 but usually like 5.

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Part 3 setup.

Setup in mid June was easy. I started by putting the tank on a basic white stand. I then added fluval stratum with a cap for white sand. I now wish I had used bags for the stratum because it pokes through the substrate and my loaches dig it up. I the added real wood, a false log, and also river stones. Equipment was added. I will do original planting in next section.

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