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20F0F3FC-6815-43E2-B8B5-C4343FA2558D.jpeg.a5d461b8d499bb247cccfcca221829ad.jpegHey all,

My name is Joe and I’m from SW Pennsylvania. Glad to be here, started watching Aquarium Co-Op content and that re-ignited the spark to get started again. I’ve been in the hobby since the mid 90s, took a little hiatus in 2019, just got back into things about 3-4 months ago. Starting with just a 30 gallon with harlequin rasboras, white clouds and panda Cory’s. Trying a planted tank for the first time, plants and supplies purchased from Aquarium Co-Op (great service and fast shipping, thank you very much). Val’s seem to be doing pretty well, hoping that pogostemon stellatus octopus takes off. Great to be back in our fantastic hobby!


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