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New to forum - Greetings from Georgia!


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Hi friends!! 
I joined this forum to research my options to upgrade from my 20g tank to some thing a bit larger. I’m thinking up to 40g range. Photo is my 20g after initial setup in June 2018. I found Cory’s videos back then and learned a lot.  I’ve been away since then and it seems a lot has changed/grown in that time. For now, I will be surfing the forum posts for options on my new aquarium project.  I might setup a cichlid tank(?) but not sure. I also like the idea of a Disc or Angelfish tank.  I also want to update my filtration on my 20g and use the air bubbler sponge.  BTW - I am located near Atlanta GA(USA) and I look forward to your feed back.  
Cheers! -Mitch



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Welcome Mitch! 

There are so many options for bigger tanks. A 40 gallon would be great for dwarf cichlids like Rams or Apistogramma.  It wouldn’t  be as great for Discus and wouldn’t be my first choice for Angels, although it might work. A 55 or 75 gal would be better for either of those fish. They both have “tall” bodies and need lots of vertical space. A standard 40 gallon breeder is short, great for growing plants but not good for Discus or Angels. 

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